Explode the Hell out of your Business

Get Ready to make the breakthrough you need for your business.

Are you the person with a ton of ideas running around in your brain? Do you have a ton of Post- It notes all over your office? 


If the answer is yes....


Then the VIP Fast Tracking Strategy is designed just for you. 


This is a very personalized, 2:1 business mentoring day to create your business map- step by step plan for your business to unflod. This VIP strategy session is for the business owner who prefers to continue on until the plan is set. 


In a single session, you can create a power-filled plan of action for your business that will bring you six figures and beyond. 

After your personalized VIP Day, You will come away with: 


  • A designed for your multi 6 figure business strategy.

  • A step by step plan for your business to unfold.

  • Have a clearly defined Avatar and target market.

  • Clearly know your message

  • Create a brand and begin building marketing materials. 

Make NO Mistake 

You MUST be the go-to-expert in your industry. This is your ticket....​

What you get:


  • VIP Session (7 hours- Split 3.5 morning & 3.5 Afternoon)  

  • Follow-up support with three- 30 min coaching calls over the next four months

  • Unlimited 5- day email access before the Avatar Session

This is a very personalized business-mentoring day with Catherine here in Phoenix, AZ, Online, or at your location.

*Please Note it can be conducted at your location for an additional fee.

  • 30 day email access after the last coaching call.

  • Detailed step-by-step marketing plan with timeline

  • Comprehensive outline for new products or services, a book, or a webinar.

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